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According to estimates, the amount of oil found will make Israel self sufficient for many, many years.

Prayer Opportunity: Yet another puzzle piece in the Middle East. Please continue to pray for God’s will and purpose to be accomplished in the land and in the hearts of all who inhabit Israel and the surrounding area. Aligning ourselves and praying for governments and leaders to do so as well, combined with our faith that God sits enthroned and no matter the evil or chaos that is seen. He is still in control and will execute judgment and protect the righteous as we seek to abide in His presence. “He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is set on Him because he trusts in Him.” Isaiah 26:3


It’s official: Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar instructed the Population Administration to recognize the Aramean-Christian community as a national separate from the Israeli Arab one • “I have no words. This is an historic move which remedies an injustice done to the Christian community,” Father Gavriel Nadaf told ‘Mida’ • Maj. (Res.) Shadi Halul, spokesman for the Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum: “We will live alongside the Jews to protect our right to live as nations who were here before the Arab conquest. A new era has begun in the history of the State of Israel”.

The Aramaic Christians in the State of Israel have been listed as a national entity on Israel’s civil registry. The primary purpose of civil registration is to create legal documents used to establish and protect the civil rights of individuals.

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Middle East Prayer: Pray that Israel will be seen by the entire world as the light and life of the Middle East as she consistently supports minorities while the Islamic world oppresses and sometimes kills minorities in contrast.

15-year agreement makes Israel chief energy supplier for kingdom; minister hails ‘historic’ move
By Marissa Newman September 3, 2014, 4:11 pm

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An aerial view of the Tamar gas processing rig, 24 km off the Israeli southern coast of Ashkelon (Photo credit: Moshe Shai/FLASH90)

Pray that more cooperation will ensue and that Arab countries surrounding Israel will understand the advantages of cooperation and trade with the State of Israel. Father Abraham was honored by the leaders he encountered when he came to the promised land because they recognized the blessing of God on him and wanted some of it. God has planned for Israel to be a light to the nations who will receive her.

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The Hamas terrorist rulers of Gaza announce their opposition to the Palestinian Authority’s bid for statehood recognition at the U.N.
By Chana Ya’ar

First Publish: 9/14/2011, 11:33 AM
Hamas officers in Gaza

Hamas officers in Gaza
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Hamas terrorist rulers of Gaza have announced their opposition to the Palestinian Authority bid for recognition at the United Nations as a new country and membership among the international body’s ranks.

Senior members of Hamas told the Ma’an news agency this week that the reason is that the statehood bid by the Ramallah-based PA government, led by the rival Fatah faction, would constitute recognition of Israel as a state. (read more…)

01/26/2011 12:03

4 Palestinians indicted for murder in December of Kristine Luken; cell responsible for series of killings, violence since 2009.

Four Palestinians from villages near Hebron were indicted on Wednesday in the murder of an American tourist last December in a forest near Beit Shemesh, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and Jerusalem Police said.

The suspects are central members of an independent terror cell in the West Bank responsible for two murders, two attempted murders and at least one rape – as well as other incidents of theft and violence dating back to the summer of 2009, according to the indictment.   Read More…

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Israel, with cooperation from the United States, reconstructed Iran’s centrifuges in Dimona, where it tested the Stuxnet worm that has set back Iran’s nuclear program at least five years, The New York Times reported Sunday. The wildly successful virus attack has virtually achieved the same time delay as those envisioned by various scenarios of military attacks.

The clandestine operation at the nuclear center in southern Israel began at least two years ago and has severely affected Iran’s uranium enrichment program far more than previously reported… Read More

by Maayana Miskin

An earthquake hit northern Israel on Saturday evening, being felt most strongly in the region of Beit Shean and Afula; residents of Tzfat reported feeling motion as well.

The quake was measured at 3.6 on the Richter scale.

No injuries were reported following the quake. One residential building sustained damage, and the families living there were evacuated by Homefront Command workers.

Residents of Beit Shean live along the Syrian-African fault line, and are accustomed to occasional earthquakes. However, many said that Saturday night’s earthquake was unusually strong. Some residents fled their homes during the quake, fearing the buildings would collapse.

An earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale hit the northern Galilee in late November, but did not cause injury.

Scientists have warned that Israel is likely to experience a strong earthquake, measuring at least 7.5 on the Richter scale, in the near future. The epicenter will be near Beit Shean, they say.

A governmental committee found in November that a strong earthquake could kill 16,000 people, injure 6,000 more and leave up to 377,000 homeless if old buildings are not reinforced to prevent collapse.
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Published: December 30, 2010

JERUSALEM — Exploratory drilling off Israel’s northern coast this week has confirmed the existence of a major natural gas field — one of the world’s largest offshore gas finds of the past decade — leading the country’s infrastructure minister to call it “the most important energy news since the founding of the state.”

Houston-based Noble Energy, which is working with several Israeli partner companies, said that the field, named Leviathan, whose existence was suspected months ago, has at least 16 trillion cubic feet of gas at a likely market value of tens of billions of dollars and should turn Israel into an energy exporter. READ MORE

How will the discoveries of natural gas in the Mediterranean and possibly oil in Israel affect the world? These are resources Israel desparately needs–after their need for water. This is indeed an area we should pray for God’s will and protection concerning Israel and her neighbors…     Ruth Mayfield

A preliminary geological survey has indicated that there might be about 26 million barrels of recoverable oil a mile under the sand near two kibbutzim in the northern Negev. That would amount to about $2 billion at current prices. There might be 12 million additional barrels further down.

This news comes a day after drilling began on the Leviathan, a record-setting exploratory well in a massive natural-gas field off the coast of Haifa. The area is thought to contain 16 trillion cubic feet of gas, and it might also contain oil.   Read more

So what do Israeli’s think of Obama? People ask us this often. Here is the opinion of a leading Rabbi in Isreal. — Ruth Mayfield

The head of Har Bracha Yeshiva explains why it is ethical for US citizens living in Israel to vote in US elections and favor Israel’s interests.

Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, founder and Dean of Yeshivat Har Brachah in the Samaria (Shomron) community of the same name, is the author of a series of books on Jewish Law and thought, as well as a weekly column in B’Sheva. Here, he relates to the question of Israeli Jews voting in American elections. Read more

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