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israelijetfrom Times of Israel

Life-saving system takes control of plane if pilot loses consciousness; air force personnel to be fitted with device.

Sensors in the new Cannary system medically monitor the pilot and provide real-time detection and alert in case of any distress signals during the flight. An additional sensor, attached to the pilot’s forehead, measure his oxygen level, blood flow and heart rate.

Prayer: Thank God for the innovative products that Israel continues to bring to the market. May the world begin to recognize and appreciate all the good the Lord gives to the world through his people Israel. Let these acknowledgements ultimately point to the only One True God, our Creator, the God of Abraham.


Israeli-developed ‘fancy fungus’ helps plants grow | The Times of Israel.

Mycorrhiza is a secret sauce that can help many crops thrive. An Israeli firm has developed a way to use it more effectively

Good news for sustainable farming without harmful chemicals. Pray for smooth transition and acceptance in the market and for many more scientific revelations like this to come forth. God bless Israel and lead their technology advances to be a blessing and light to the entire world!

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