Mantis Vision, SagivTech partner in Project Tango, which goes ‘prime time’ next month with an SDK and tablet

Petah Tikvah-based Mantis Vision and Raanana-based SagivTech are supplying core technologies for Google’s Project Tango, which is set to enable devices equipped with cameras, sensors and sophisticated algorithms to create a 3D model of the user’s environment and interact with it. Mantis Vision is key to Tango, producing the the main 3D engine used by the system.

Prayer Focus: Israel continues to lead the world in the most innovative and creative technologies. Strategic partnerships like these foster the kind of cooperation that is necessary for business and politics to advance for the good of all. Pray for these kinds of projects to continue and multiply. Pray also that such partnerships would be an example to the Israel and other governments of the advantages of promoting and partnering.