prayThe blogs Ruth authors are of course her own perspective with gleanings from people we know and love here in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel. There is often a tangible atmosphere of emotions among the people, and different groups as well as the spiritual warfare that takes place over this center of the world focus for media, religion and humanity. Therefore, although this blog was begun during a time of war with the terror group Hamas (which has actually been going on for a very long time), it will not always be the case. We hope to continue to share the unique perspective we receive from our surroundings for your benefit in your obedience to pray for the peace of  Jerusalem, that all Israel might be saved and for the world to see and know that the Lord, He is God–a Loving, Heavenly Father full of Mercy and Grace, Justice, Righteousness and Truth.

The following list is incomplete but gives a quick reference for many of the blogs that are reposted here, or whose content influences and enhances our own perspective. We pray that you will pray for all these ministries, groups  and individuals. Remember that the Apostle Paul admonished believers in every epistle that he wrote to support the believers in Jerusalem. That wasn’t as much for their desperate need as it was for the need of those he wrote to to give–that they might receive the rewards from the Father. Please consider financially supporting believers in the land of Israel in this critical and crucial hour. Our ministry is of course one of them. Pray and ask God what He would have you to do to enable believers to live in this land as their sacrifice to God of serving and/or living elsewhere where it is much easier and more comfortable.

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