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According to estimates, the amount of oil found will make Israel self sufficient for many, many years.

Prayer Opportunity: Yet another puzzle piece in the Middle East. Please continue to pray for God’s will and purpose to be accomplished in the land and in the hearts of all who inhabit Israel and the surrounding area. Aligning ourselves and praying for governments and leaders to do so as well, combined with our faith that God sits enthroned and no matter the evil or chaos that is seen. He is still in control and will execute judgment and protect the righteous as we seek to abide in His presence. “He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is set on Him because he trusts in Him.” Isaiah 26:3


Liberty, equality and fraternity are now superseded by the recognition accorded the darkest regime known to man.

For Prayer:  This article explains the consequences of the Iran deal and the implications to global history. This is a dark day for the history of democracy and the evidence of man’s desires to satisfy himself while disregarding the consequences of others, even relatives, community, or a nation. In it Dr. Kedar calls out the gross omission in the Iran deal of Iran’s role in the war in Syria and the atrocities it has brought. This deal is all wrong on so many levels.

  • The people of Iran have been oppressed mainly by their own government, not sanctions. Pray for the growing spread of the Gospel in Iran in spite of political advances and deals. Pray for believers there to increase in faith and boldness.
  • Pray for God’s intervention against Iran’s stated claim to wipe out Israel and the US–the “Big Satan”. Iran has no obligation to meet any agreement they make with an infidel, let alone an entity such as the US. They have no intent to do so. Politicians capitulate for their own advantage.
  • Pray against man’s selfish desires as their motivation that cause them to fall into the plans of the enemy against all of humanity. Thank God that He is still in control and can trump any wicked agreements to implement His plan and purpose to save and not destroy the people of the earth.
  • It is time to cry out to God, all those who believe He exists, to save us from ourselves and draw us to Himself. He is good. In Him is Life.

Response to the slander of Rabbi Riskin because of his YouTube video in English. Rabbi Riskin took upon himself the sacred mission of bringing non-Jews closer to understanding the Jewish faith.

For Prayer: This excellent article explains why some Orthodox Jews seek to foster relations between some Christians and Jews. Not all Christians would even desire to have a relationship with Jews as they do not read and understand the entire Bible and seek to understand God’s heart regarding Jews and Christians.

If you have wondered why some who call themselves Christians hate Jews, while others embrace them. This article may shed some light for your understanding.



It’s official: Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar instructed the Population Administration to recognize the Aramean-Christian community as a national separate from the Israeli Arab one • “I have no words. This is an historic move which remedies an injustice done to the Christian community,” Father Gavriel Nadaf told ‘Mida’ • Maj. (Res.) Shadi Halul, spokesman for the Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum: “We will live alongside the Jews to protect our right to live as nations who were here before the Arab conquest. A new era has begun in the history of the State of Israel”.

The Aramaic Christians in the State of Israel have been listed as a national entity on Israel’s civil registry. The primary purpose of civil registration is to create legal documents used to establish and protect the civil rights of individuals.

To read more about this historic decision click here.

Middle East Prayer: Pray that Israel will be seen by the entire world as the light and life of the Middle East as she consistently supports minorities while the Islamic world oppresses and sometimes kills minorities in contrast.

15-year agreement makes Israel chief energy supplier for kingdom; minister hails ‘historic’ move
By Marissa Newman September 3, 2014, 4:11 pm

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An aerial view of the Tamar gas processing rig, 24 km off the Israeli southern coast of Ashkelon (Photo credit: Moshe Shai/FLASH90)

Pray that more cooperation will ensue and that Arab countries surrounding Israel will understand the advantages of cooperation and trade with the State of Israel. Father Abraham was honored by the leaders he encountered when he came to the promised land because they recognized the blessing of God on him and wanted some of it. God has planned for Israel to be a light to the nations who will receive her.

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