It is important to pray for the US elections. The current administration’s handling of Israel and Middle East policies that are contrary to relationships and policies we have shared for decades must be reversed. Israel is our friend and the only democracy in the Middle East–they must be supported, and defended from all who would attempt to deligitimize them in any way.  –Ruth Mayfield

Will Jewish voters choose Republicans instead of Democrats on November 2? A significant shift in voting patterns already has begun.

According to former senior White House aide and White House Jewish Liaison Tevi Troy, despite the assumption that Jewish citizens of the United States traditionally vote for Democrats and not Republicans, there is a shift in the Jewish vote already taking place at the state level. 

Troy pointed out in Politico that nationally, Jews make up only about 2 percent of the American population but are heavily represented in big cities and have disproportionately high voter turnout rates. Read more