written by Christine Sakakibara

Last night on the news, Israeli reporters gave a summary of day 19 of the war, and revealed results of a recent survey. The survey was to see what percentage of Israeli’s wanted the IDF to continue the offensive in Gaza. It stated 62% of Israeli’s fully support the offensive and wished for it to continue despite the hardships and danger it was causing to so many. Day19 saw 19 missiles fired from Gaza which is a big drop from the early days of the war but not enough to justify a cease fire. While peoples minds have been concerned about missiles and truces, my mind has been occupied with the selected blindness of the reporters in the foreign press.One point that I think has not been raised is the true reasons for the high loss of life in Gaza of civilians. Hamas spent a lot of time and money, mostly EU money, building an intricate web of tunnels under residental buidlings, schools, mosques, etc,throughout all Gaza over the past 3 years in preparation for their expected clash with Israeli forces. These tunnels were used for moving arms, storing missiles, and to give fighters escape roots from booby trapped buildings. The IDF is as it captures and moves deeper into Gaza has been stunned at the amount of work Hamas and other militants invested in weapons and tunnels.More and more footage of these tunnels, and the munitions stored in them, are being shown to the press. The foreign press see the pictures of the tunnels, yet they refuse to have the courage to ask some hard questions of Hamas. So I will ask one question of the foreign press.”If Hamas had the time, money, and engineering skills to prepare these tunnels, why did they not take the opportunity to build bomb shelters or safety rooms for its civilians?” The answer is clear and we are now seeing it with the rising numbers of innoncent people in Gaza who have lost their lives. Hamas considers the use of  innoncent lives a valid weapon for their cause.


Recently AIPAC made a report on recent events in Gaza and said the following.

Israeli troops this week uncovered a school in the Gaza Strip rigged by Hamas terrorists with a large amount of explosives, found massive stocks of Qassam and Katyusha rockets and other weapons hidden in a Gaza mosque, and encountered dozens of booby-trapped homes. Israel faces extreme difficulty in fighting an enemy that both targets innocent Israelis and hides behind its own civilians.


The foreign press love to fill TV screens and newspapers with pictures of broken and shattered faces, but do not have the courage to look at the true reasons for the growing numbers of lives lost in Gaza. Entire apartment buildings collapsed with families inside because of the munitions filled tunnels that criss crossed under their neighborhoods. IDF Flyers sent down to civilians requesting them to leave the area were in vain, because Hamas fighters did not allow them to leave their homes. Militants in Gaza see women and children as the prefect line of defense against the soft hearted Israeli army. While the Hamas leadership sit protected from the fighting in Gaza, in their nice little underground bunkers, they dare to call on their people to become martyrs.The high loss of life in Gaza is not only due to Israeli bombings, but also due to the callous cold hearted cowardness of the Hamas leadership and their shallow dis-regard for the value of life.