The link is to a song in Hebrew written by a believer in Beersheva last week.  He and his wife sang it on Israel Channel 10 yesterday. (Captions in Engish)


 A Prayer Under Fire


Hi. We’re residents of the city Beer Sheva in Southern Israel. In light of the grads, kassams, and other projectiles that are continuously being shot at us and the other Negev cities, we sat down to express our confused feelings about the present situation. This song is what came out of it. Our hope is that this song will ease a little tension and encourage you in this difficult time.

If you are not an Israeli, we hope that this song will help you to understand the conflict from our perspective. In truth, these words are a simple prayer that could have been written from anyone who is suffering from war and turns to God for help.

The 2nd verse is taken from Psalm 91.

Anthony, Irene and Tal