Exclusive One Jerusalem Call With Benjamin Netanyahu

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In a news-making and fact-filled presentation, Israel’s former Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, briefed American and international bloggers on Israel’s defensive action against Hamas, Iran’s role in the conflict and its threat to the free world, and the need for friends of Israel to set the record straight — by repeating the facts.

The facts include:

  • Eight years of rockets being fired on innocent Israeli citizens
  • Hamas’s commitment to the destruction of the State of Israel
  • Israel’s humanitarian treatment of Arabs caught in the crossfire.


In answer to the charge that Israel is targeting civilians, Mr. Netanyahu reminds listeners that during World War II, Britain carpet-bombed German cities. In contrast, Israel’s air strikes have been directed against military targets. Netanyahu also noted that Israeli hospitals are treating wounded civilians from Gaza.

In response to a question about the goals of this operation, Mr. Netanyahu said that objectives are to re-establish Israel’s security and to end the supply of armaments for Hamas.

Time and again, Mr. Netanyahu reminds the audience that Hamas is a proxy for Iran. Defeat of Hamas is a defeat for Iran. Netanyahu ended the call with an interesting insight into the dangers of Iran any any radical Islamic regime that possesses nuclear weapons. Mr. Netanyahu further recalled President-elect Obama’s comment about raising children under the threat of enemy rockets.

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