Most people we know in America don’t understand who the Palestinians are, or who Hamas is in relation to them. There are those who are experts or claim to be experts who offer differing explanations, definitions and opinions on this. Why is there so much confusion?

The answer is very complicated. I cannot here, in a blog explane middle east history to tell you how we got to where we are today and I am not here to place blame on anyone. I would like to address the current view for your consideration.

If we go back to 2005 when Ariel Sharon ordered the Jewish settlements in Gaza to be evacuated to allow the Palestinians to take control of the entire Gaza strip we see only the short view of who these people are, but it is enough for our purpose of considering who the Innocents are. I believe a part of Sharon’s idea was that Palestinians could have made good productive use of the greenhouses and other agricultural buildings and homes. They could have allowed those who had been confined to refugee camps since 1948 out to settle in these freshly abandoned areas to become productive citizens. But instead the refugees were forced to live in camps by their leader President Abbas and the former settlements were completely destroyed .

Arab childrenBy 2006, desperate Palestinian people in Gaza, lacking compassionate and caring leadership, and conditioned to blame Israel for every difficulty, were happy to elect Hamas, a world known terror organization, to lead them. Anything to get them out of the terrible situation they found themselves in. This has been the fate of these poor souls for decades, no hope. Like victims who live for extended periods with their captors they become filled with the same hatred. Corruption, pride and evil pervade the hearts, minds and lives of the terrorist leadership of Hamas and Fatah, both terrorist organizations. Palestinian people are not allowed to live normal lives, to better themselves and their children. They are born and die to be pawns in someone’s political agenda. The terrorist agenda feeds death and hatred to them from infancy and steals their teens to die in jihad in the name of hatred, Allah. The western mind cannot conceive of such mind boggling thoughts and actions.

But just as a child that may have been lost in the woods as a toddler and raised by wild animals, they become like one of them. In some perspective he is still a child because he never learned about maturing in society and developing normal, natural human relationships of love. Add to this picture the idea that the Middle Eastern culture is very different from the West, hard for us to understand even the educated minds because they come at every aspect of life from a different perspective.

None the less, those exploited people who are unable to live normal lives, yet still have an ounce of moral fiber left in them by some miracle of God, are the Innocents. Some of them may have joined the Hamas organization thinking they could help their family somehow. Some just try to live quiet lives praying for the nightmare to be over. Some are believers in Jesus as Messiah. They are hated by Muslims because the Koran labels them as the worst traitors if they leave Islam which they were born into, or they are infidels, a lower order of people who are to convert or die according to the Koran. As you see, these people don’t have a lot of options available.

So I am labeling most of them, the Innocents. And I ask that you pray for these people. Put yourselves in their shoes for just one horrible moment. Those in the camps have Arab boybeen there with their generations for 60 years, fed false hope and been robbed of the international aid designated to their relief and used to finance the terror structure instead of the infrastructure that would give them a better life. I ask that you pray for God’s mercy for each one, from the babies to the elderly, and especially the youth which make up the bulk of the population. Mercy. Mercy that will penetrate hearts, minds, and lives with hope, healing and salvation. Mercy that will dispel the lies of death and hopelessness and offer life, light and love in return. They need a miracle.

According to the Bible, when God’s mercy is rejected it brings judgment. It was seen clearly when Moses went before Pharoah. Egypt rejected God’s mercy and was judged. It happened when Israel was confronted by the prophets and led to their captivity. Yet  the Bible also states that mercy triumphs over judgment. He offers mercy again and again. God’s desire is that all will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus. All over the Middle East muslims are having dreams and visions of Jesus. God is visiting places and people where Christians are not allowed to go or speak. God is doing it himself.

So we pray in this day that the Spirit of the Lord will decend upon Gaza and touch hearts and lives of both Arabs and Jews fighting as well as the Innocents. We pray that those who are already believers both in the IDF and in Gaza will have divine protection, divine provision and divine revelation. May they have a keen sense that God is with them as Immanuel. We know that no one deserves mercy. All fall short of holiness and have made mistakes. But that is why Jesus came, to seek and save those who are lost. That IS His mercy and His love. That is what we pray for in this situation.

May evil be consumed at the coming of God’s Spirit into the situation. All pride, all corruption, all selfish motivation, cannot resist the Spirit of God. There are some praying for revival to break out in the midst of the conflict. Multitudes to come to Jesus and for the healing of bodies and hearts to take place. I am confident that this is taking place at some level already and I pray that it will increase. As more believers begin to pray and seek God’s will for the situation and a just end to the conflict, there will be  salvation for all who will call upon the Name of the Lord.

Ruth Mayfield