I was on my prayer walk around the Knesset this afternoon, mumbling to myself, consumed in prayer and only vaguely aware that some people passing thought I was a bit daft, I did notice an unusual jet trail in the sky. A large jet was circling back toward the Mediterranean coast. It was pretty high up, but it was leaving an unusually huge, double trail of smoke in its wake. My thought was that it was some sort of reconnaissance but one that wanted to be seen. Who can figure out the Israeli military, or politics or even just one individual??? And so went my thoughts and prayers, as I walked and intently prayed for God’s mercy.

“Mercy. Dear God, have mercy. These are Your people, rebellious, stiff-necked, prideful, idolatrous–all the things You state again and again in the Bible. Will they never learn to seek Your face? You know them! You know their hearts, how they continually run from You instead of toward You! Have mercy on your chosen people dear Lord. And those who have been filled with deadly, poisonous lies against them, Lord, have mercy on them as well. May they all have dreams and visions of You–Jesus, Son of the loving, heavenly Father. Bring them all to Your place of salvation.

And Lord, for those who call you their Lord and Savior, their Messiah, who are involved in this war–protect them. Hide them under the shadow of your wings and give your angels charge over each one. Use each individual who calls on Your Name for your glory. Fight for them and bring every wicked plan of the enemy to naught. We know that dark, spiritual forces are at work. They have deceived men created in the image of God to hate. They hate, and even kill their own brothers, mothers and children. Such hate. Lord, have mercy.

Only with divine wisdom can man fight against the powers and principalities at work in this war with terrorists. Lord, send Your Armies to fight. Divinely protect the innocent, the poor, the lame–those whom You sent Your Son to die for. Jesus prayed that not one You had given him would be lost. Lord, protect and shield even their minds and hearts from any hatred or resentment that would plant seeds in these hurting souls. Give the leadership wisdom and discernment to counter wicked schemes. Lord, if there is some way for You to intervene and get glory from Your victory over this horrible, impossible situation–Lord, have mercy and do that. We do pray for Your will to be done–in the nation of Israel, in the land, in hearts of Jew and Palestinian alike. Put them in fear oh God, that these nations, and all those watching or involved, may know themselves to be but men. You alone are God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob–You have protected Israel many times in the past, even in their rebellion, by your mighty right arm. Your intent is for peace. Your intent is that all might be saved. Have mercy, oh God.

Lord, let Righteousness and Justice begin to arise in this nation–in this land. Every man who stands against Your will, move them out of Your way. That the purposes of God might be fulfilled in this day that we live in. Strengthen the hearts of believers, especially those in the battle and their families and friends praying for them. Strengthen the army of prayer warriors that you have been raising up and preparing for the days ahead. Lord, cause them to rise up even now to join this battle. May they pray for your divine timing for all that is taking place now and as the future unfolds. The enemy cannot force Your hand oh God. You control the times and the seasons and will continue to do so for eternity.

Have mercy on this land of Israel and the people, and send Your rain. Israel and the surrounding nations desperately need rain. The natural drought only begins to show the intense spiritual draught that exists. Send Your rain Lord. And thank you that we can come to your throne of grace by the blood of Jesus to ask for help in time of need. You know our need before we ask. But we cry out in obedience and in faith, trusting that You will supply our need. You will show Your mighty right arm in judgment and mercy. But we continue to cry for mercy. Thank you Lord, for we know You are in control and You are a Faithful and Loving God. Hallelujah!

Ruth Mayfield