Tekle Times

 January 3,  2009


Beloved and faithful Prayer Warriors,


We are calling upon you our dear friends at this time with a special, immediate and urgent request that you pray with us for the situation here in the South of Israel.  This evening,  as you may know Israel has sent ground troops into Gaza. This is especially personal and poignant for us, since at least five young men from our congregation are involved in this operation; one of them is Avi, our brother/brother-in-law. And more guys are on call waiting to be called up to Reserve duty. It is one thing to watch a military operation from the side, or even as a patriotic, supportive citizen. It is another thing altogether to send a son, a brother, a friend into the heart of the conflict, knowing the danger and threat on their very lives.


As families and as a congregation we have joined together this week in a concerted effort to stand with IDF in prayer and especially to intercede for the soldiers from our congregation and from the believing body all over the country. Some of the southernmost cities in Israel have been living under the threat of rocket attacks. We here in the North experienced some of this for over a month two years ago. We saw the fright and destruction it brought and our hearts are one with our fellow citizens, family, friends and believers in the body who live down South in the cities that are under attack. We stand with them in prayer and in support for what they are going through. Families in our congregation are getting ready to host families from the south who need to get away for a break from the intensity and danger of the happenings in the south. It is such a moving thing to see some of the same families from the North who travelled south two years ago during the war and were hosted by families in the south, now ready and offering to host families from the south.


Although the war from two years ago is fresh in our minds, this operation is very different in many ways. The defensive attack that Israel has launched is from a refined and learned approach and we are thankful to see a unity and maturity in the government and leadership. We are also grateful to see the nation standing together in solidarity and unity on this action.


We are praying and are calling you to pray during this critical season for our nation, for the God of Israel to come through with a divine intervention. We have been amazed by the achievements so far, and we are absolutely seeing the miraculous protection of God. We know that this war is not between Hamas and Israel – but between God and the forces of the enemy – so we are praying that God would arise and make his enemies flee.  We are heartbroken to witness the death of the innocent, children, and harmless civilians, orchestrated by the wicked system of Hamas to use innocent civilians as shields and as intentional victims to facilitate the evil advance of their cause, to sway international opinion against Israel.


You know all the details from the media, but we wanted to let you see an angle you may not see. We want to ask that you would agree and pray with us according to the following prayer points, which are critical in the days to come:


Prayer points:


·         For IDF soldiers:  foot soldiers, seamen and air force men

        (among them T of M soldiers – Avi, Luciano, Ariel, Nati, Jordan, others)

·         Precise hits and precise execution of military operations

·         Clean, clear communication between the units and commanders and soldiers

·         Divine protection, angelic forces to be present

·         Continued protection over the cities that are under attack in the south of Israel

·         Protection over innocent lives in Gaza, children, mothers, innocent civilians

·         Breakage in the core of Hamas, among the leaders and instigators

·         Israel’s Prime minister, Defense minister and Chief of Staff – good communication, clear thought, wisdom

·         Families of the Soldiers from Tents of Mercy and families of all soldiers

·         Northern front of Israel – Hizbollah would not see this as an opportunity to escalate into a launch of attack

·         Arab Israelis and residents – potential conflicts would be prevented and that there would be domestic calm


Thank you for walking with us and for standing with us heart to heart.

In prayer and Intercession,




P.S. On a positive note: we were very blessed to see an ex-hamas son of a founder come to faith in Messiah  and speak against the lies of the enemy.

You can see it in this link http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,474664,00.html#


***A prayer request from a fellow believer in a congregation near Haifa.