The ground offensive into Gaza began this afternoon around 4:44 PM, Israel time.  Artillery began the assault that is being followed up by infantry.  Our intercession must be increased and it must take on a new intensity.  While the Israeli Air Force has done a magnificent job of “softening up” the enemy, by making pinpoint hits against key leaders, smuggling tunnels, and key weapons caches, the main body of Hamas fighters (30,000) have still been untouched.  Only “boots on the ground” will be able to deal with this persistent body of active terrorists threatening Israel’s survival.


Facts and Intercession:


For many months Hamas has been planning and preparing itself for an Israeli invasion. Roads, homes, alleys, etc. have been rigged with booby traps and with triggered explosives to meet the IDF soldiers. The devastating urban warfare strategies that Israel met in the last war in South Lebanon is now the reality in Gaza.  Hamas leaders have declared that the Gaza will be the death trap and the cemetery for countless Jews.

–Pray that the Israelis will have supernatural discernment and success in discovering these traps and avoiding them.

–Pray that the booby traps would fail to detonate.

–Pray that all traps and snares would be sprung before the Jews encounter them.

–Pray that the deadly prophesies and promises of Jewish carnage in Gaza made by Hamas  would be totally unfulfilled.  Break the power of their wicked words.


Palestinians women and children are positioned to meet the soldiers as suicide bombers.  Imagine the conflict in the heart and mind of a young Israeli soldier when  a Palestinian woman shouts for help from the soldiers, or if a child approaches them.  Should they shoot? There is a strong likelihood that such a person will be rigged with explosives; intending to devastate an Israeli unit with death and dismemberment. Imagine the international condemnation if they shoot someone approaching, in the possibility that the person is a suicide bomber, only to find out he/she is not in that case.  Think of the horrors that will come if the soldiers hesitate and become victims of a suicide attack.  How likely is it that Palestinian women and children will be suicide bombers?


Following are excerpts from footage of Hamas female martyrdom-seekers in Gaza, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on December 30, 2008.

Masked woman clad in explosives belt: “I, the martyrdom-seeker Umm Suheib, have dedicated myself for the sake of Allah, and for the sake of redeeming my family, from which I have lost eight martyrs so far. I swear by Allah that I will turn my body parts into a fire that will burn the occupation soldiers, if they move towards my house.


“My beloved people, if Allah supports you, no one will be able to overcome you. We are confident of the support of Allah. There are thousands of martyrdom-seeking women like me, waiting for the occupier, in order to avenge these massacres. I pledge to my people that I will continue on the path of my family, and avenge the widows and the orphans. My people on the front-line, do not wait for any Arab president or king, but direct your appeal to Allah, the King of Kings. We are loyal to our oath, and will meet, Allah willing, in the paradise of eternity.”


Masked woman holding rifle: “Allah said: ‘Prepare against them what force and steeds of war you can, to strike terror in the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your own enemies.’ We convey this message to the Israeli army high command, which bombards our sons day and night: We, the martyrdom-seeking women of Palestine, mothers as well as girls, are waiting impatiently for them to come. Allah willing, we will make them taste bitterness, if they move even an inch into our beloved Gaza Strip.


“I am the mother of two martyrs, and I will sacrifice myself as a martyr, Allah willing. I will turn my blood into bombs that will burn them. In every Palestinian home, a time bomb will await them. There will be days of battle between us, and this will be our opportunity to avenge our sons whom they have bombed, and the blood of the 400 martyrs who were killed in the headquarters. I am waiting for them.

My honorable people, have more forbearance and steadfastness. Your daughters march by your side on the path of Jihad and martyrdom.”


Second masked woman holding a rifle: “If one of our men dies, a thousand men will set out in his place. We, the women, will set out. We are the granddaughters of Yassin, Al-Bana, and Al-Qassam. We are all the daughters of Palestine, the daughters of steadfast Gaza. We will set out, booby-trapped. From every home, a bomb will set out, and it will explode among the sons of Zion. We are no less than Fatima Al-Najjar and Rim Al-Riyashi [two Palestinian women who blew themselves up among Israelis]. We will blow ourselves up among those traitors, those apes and pigs.”


–Pray that God would protect the young Israeli soldiers from uncertainty, from confusion, from error, and from delay when they are approached by a suicide bomber of any age or of either gender.

–Pray that the fear of the God of Israel would apprehend every planned suicide bomber … pray that dreams and visions of hell would seize their sleep; connecting any suicide attacks made by them with the visions of hell.

–Pray that the Lord would protect and deliver the children from being used as little messengers or delivery boys/girls of death.

–Pray that God would deliver these demonized and deluded people before they can bring death upon the Jews.


The close up, surprise attacks, face to face, hand to hand warfare involved in urban warfare can be terrifying to young Israeli soldiers; especially against such a deadly, determined, hate-consumed enemy.

–Pray that the IDF soldiers will be filled with courage, with wisdom, and with a purpose to defend the people of Israel by their warfare.

–Pray that the angels of the Lord would be fighting at their side, and that the angelic presence would be seen and felt.

–Pray that the ground attack would meet with tremendous success, and be conducted with little resistance from the enemy, and incurring few Israeli casualties.

–Pray for revival and revelation of the Messiah in the ranks of the IDF.


A half million Israelis, as well as the Israeli nuclear power plant at Dimona are now within the range of deadly rocket attacks.  In the last 24 hours more Israeli injuries and property damage have been the result of successful rockets attacks launched from Gaza against the Jewish civilian population.  The rockets attacks have not been stopped by the IAF actions, even though Hamas as an organization has been severely damaged.


–Pray that God would put His hand over the Dimona facility to protect it

–Pray that God would protect the air force bases near BeerSheva.

–Pray that God would continue to protect all of His people who are in the line of fire of these rocket attacks.

–Pray that the shalom of God would surround all those under attack and those constantly running for cover.  Pray for courage and perseverance.


A thousand misguided humanist Jews and Arabs protested today in Tel Aviv against the Israeli bombardment and invasion of Gaza; spewing treasonous lies, and making false charges against Israel. 

This kind of betrayal and public display of disunity empowers the enemies of Israel and encouraged the international community to condemn Israel.  Furthermore, it encourages the weak and compromised current Israeli government to back off from making this necessary engagement with Hamas.  A house divided against itself cannot stand.  The IDF soldiers giving their lives to protect the Jews, need to feel the support of the population, lest they become confused, weakened, and discouraged.

–Pray that many thousands of supporters would rally on behalf of the Israeli soldiers; literally drowning out the humanist voices.

–Pray that the people of Israel would unite together and support this act of self-defense.

–Pray that the military operations would continue until the Lord calls them off.

–Pray for support, encouragement, and comfort to be given to the parents, wives, and families of the soldiers of Israel now engaged in battle.


Hamas has said that it will kidnap and hold for torture any Israeli soldiers that come into Gaza.

–Pray that NOT ONE Israeli soldier will be captured by any Hamas member or by anyone else.

–Pray that each and every soldier would be forewarned by the Lord concerning any situation of threat against them … kidnapping or otherwise … so that they could avoid all traps.


Israel is loosing the media war, and international opinion war.   Prior to any of its attacks by the Israeli Air Force, Israel made nearly 100,000 automated phone calls and text messages into Gaza, to the civilian population, to warn the people to move away from targets and go to safety.  Israel gave up the element of surprise, which warned Hamas, allowing them to escape to safety, in order to protect the Palestinian civilian population.  Israel also air dropped thousands of flyers over Gaza today, warning the civilian population to seek safety as the ground invasion began.  Wounded Palestinians and sick Palestinians have been allowed to cross into Israel to seek medical care.  Humanitarian supplies have been allowed into Gaza in the midst of ongoing attacks against Israel.  The righteous acts of Israel concerning the Palestinians people in this conflict have been amazing. Still the international community and the media largely have refused to acknowledge or to report these Godly acts of mercy; preferring to demonize the Jews, while creating the scenario that the Palestinians are merely victims of undeserved Jewish hostility, occupation, and murder.  Anti-Semitism is increasing worldwide, when in fact sympathy for and solidarity with the Jews should be increasing.  Terrorist organizations are threatening violence against Jews throughout the world, even as protests against Israel are being held in countries throughout the world.

–Pray that God would raise up many voices of truth to support and to speak on behalf of Israel.

–Pray that the Lord would bless those who courageously stand with Israel.

–Pray that God Himself would vindicate Israel and honor her for the righteous acts of mercy she has enacted in these days.

–Pray that God would direct Israel’s decisions concerning mercy and warfare, so that humanist values to not compromise Israel’s effectiveness in waging war, nor put her into greater danger.

–Pray that God would protect Jewish people throughout the world from acts of terrorism, kidnapping and violence.


Pray that the ruse saying that Abbas and Fatah are good and safe leaders for the Palestinians people will be seen for what it is …. a lie!  Pray that Jewish soldiers will not be killed freeing Gaza from Hamas, only for the Israeli government and the international community to hand it over to the terrorists,

 Abbas and Fatah, on a silver platter.


Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer. I will keep in touch with more guidelines for intercession as I am able.


In Him,